Sample Press Release Template & Format

Sample Press Release Template & Format

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The following is an example press release template that shows the standard press release format you should follow:


Press Release Headline Here in Title Case

Optional press release subhead is placed here, usually written in sentence format.

Press Release Dateline: CITY, State, Month Day, Year (ViralExposure) –The opening sentence is the most important element in this press release template in which you should succinctly summarize what is being announced. The opening paragraph should clearly get the reader’s attention through a strong hook while providing the most important facts. As a best practice, write your press release first then come back and develop the opening paragraph as a summary of the news release. Then compare this new opening paragraph with your initial first paragraph, combining elements to form a strong anchor. You need to inform the reader what he or she will ultimately learn by reading the rest of the media release.

A press release should consist of four to eight paragraphs where you provide all the relevant facts and information a journalist or reporter should use to write a story. The most important information should be listed first, with the least important information appearing in the final paragraph (also known as the Inverted Pyramid). Each paragraph should consist of three to six sentences written in the third person. You should maintain an unbiased tone and avoid hype. The average press release consists of 500 words or less. Another very important key to writing a successful press release is to not be too sales-y, presenting in an objective-sounding tone and style.

“A great press release should include a strong quote from a company executive or industry expert,” says Viral Exposure Marketing Manager Julie B.. “An important thing to know about quotes is that the media generally won’t use them unless they are evocative, fresh, or state something in a way that would be very difficult to paraphrase. To ensure your quote finds a home in a story based on your announcement, avoid cliches or generalizations.” More info at “You Can Quote Me On That!”

Be sure to spell check your news release and fact check the statements and/or statistics in your press release. You should check your grammar as well. A tip: read your media release aloud to ensure there aren’t any obvious errors. Lastly, it’s a good idea to have a trusted friend and/or colleague read your press release. Ideally, have both types of people read your release as sometimes co-workers or people in your industry might not notice knowledge gaps as they know the company or industry very well.

A press release can be used to announce a new or updated product or service. Other news release topics can include a partnership with a company or organization, as well as being issued an industry award. For additional press release topics, visit As you just saw, you may include a URL in your media release. If you have a website, be sure to use it and link directly to any fact sheets, product descriptions, or overviews that might be useful for more information.

What to do with your press release? At the very least, you should post it to your website, ideally a section dedicated to news or announcements about your company, which is also a great place to post articles and links to media coverage. You can also send it to customers, suppliers, journalists at trade publications you may know, and others who may be interested in what you have to say. You will get the biggest bang for your buck if you send your media release over a newswire, like PR Newswire, which eReleases includes with all of its distributions. You can learn more about our service and take advantage of a new customer discount here:

Optional Press Release Boilerplate: About ViraleExposure

A boilerplate is a short paragraph that explains the identity of a company and what it does. While a boilerplate is optional, it doesn’t hurt to have one to help identify your business and to quickly summarize what you do and the industry you serve. Think of it as a thumbnail sketch of your company that provides a little background information to the press. Once you’ve written a boilerplate, you can use it in all of your press releases, serving as a staple for your very own press release template.


Name of Media Contact
Title of Media Contact
Company Name
Contact Phone Number
Contact E-mail
Website URL

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