$35 Starter Press Release

 48 Hours Delivery

Starter Press Release Promotion

See Desc + Featured on Viral Exposure Website

  • Reach 3.5+ Million
  • Reach 1+ Million Social Media Network, Followers

$129 Better Press Release

Next-day turnaround (submit by 5pm PST)

Better Press Release Promotion

See Desc + Featured on Viral Exposure Website + 50 Media Partner Sites

  • Reach 10+ Million
  • Reach 4+ Million Social Media Network, Followers

$259 Best Press Release

SAME-day ASAP Delivery

Best Press Release Promotion

Desc + Featured on Viral Exposure Website + 250 Media Partner Site

  • Reach 20+ Million
  • Reach 10+ Million Social Media Network, Followers
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$ 35

Reach 3.5+ Million

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$ 129

Reach 10+ Million

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Viral Exposure News Network & Advertising

The “Starter” Press Release Distribution Includes:

* Your Press Release Featured and Distributed on The Viral Exposure Website and Network
* #hashtag’s will be used while marketing your campaign so it is not only visible on all social media platforms but also in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.


If you have a question or are unsure of anything –please message us. We work to get back to people the same day. It’s better to be sure than be disappointed. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction! If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied let us know we will work to make it right!

Sorry, Viral Exposure cannot guarantee clicks, sign-ups, sales, donations, etc only Promotion, Distribution, and Exposure of your Press Release.

Frequently Asked Questions
When will you start my order?

The order starts the second you place the order, from there Viral Exposure is on a timer depending on which level of distribution and service you ordered our timer may be ASAP or up to 48 hours.

We deliver all orders before the clock runs out, as ordered and on time.

What if you have a network ie"LinkedIn" I do not wish to be posted in?

That’s perfectly fine. Some people don’t want their info on linkedin or pinterest just tell me which network when ordering and I will not post there. If you tell me after ordering and I have completed the gig it will be too late.

Can you guarantee donations, sales or votes?

There are no guarantees anyone will donate to your campaign, order your product, or vote for you (depending on the campaign).  Viral Exposure is an Advertising Agency specializing in Press release writing and Press Release Distribution.  We perform a marketing task by posting and scheduling your press release for distribution as a Featured Release on our Website and partner networks. We are unable to control the actions of others.

On That note, we have successfully completed 52,000+ campaigns and we have learned much along the way and we are called Viral Exposure for a reason!

Can Press Releases be removed?

The only time a press release can be removed is when an order is cancelled immediately. Once an order is received, Viral Exposure’s proprietary system routes your order to our experts who begin to process your press release for distribution to the Viral Exposure Network and our Partner Distribution Network.

A press release can post in many different outlets (hundreds and often thousands) and it would be near impossible to find all of the original and scheduled posts, contact all the websites and request removal from each website and publication.

What do you mean by scheduled or embargoed press releases?

An embargoed press release keeps everyone on the same playing field. It helps you manufacture buzz. This goes hand in hand with the previous point, but it’s worth mentioning. One of the main reasons for forcing everyone to report the story at the same time is that it helps create a buzz around the news event.

Will you provide proof of work when you deliver my order and distribute my press release?

Yes. The easiest and most reliable “proof of delivery” is a simple Google search for the title of your release. That in itself is proof we did our job and advertised for you.  Getting your release indexed in Google, FAST is not easy but after 10+ years we have solid relationships and understand how to get your press release maximum exposure.

On our Better & Best packages we DO provide a DETAILED “pickup report which shows you the actual websites, radio stations, newspapers, TV, and digital media outlets that reposted your release.

We even include a direct link for you so you can verify it yourself. We go all out, that is why we are called Viral Exposure!

Can I order multiple times for the same campaign?

Yes! If you order one at a time and allow me to deliver one, then reorder. Please do not order for the same link more than once until each order is delivered. If you have a different campaign it is fine to order multiple times. Posting the same message and campaign more than once at a time is spammy.

Many people issue multiple press releases over a period of time. The initial press release announces an event or campaign and the additional press releases provide updates.

What do you need to start my order?

Once you complete payment you will be directed to an online form or emailed a link to the form to complete. Viral Exposure will need basic information such as

1. any link you wish to include
2. link to your campaign
3. pre written press release (For Starter Package)
4. have our professional writers write a press release for you (Better or Best Package)
5. and a short message to use for promoting, preferably under 140 characters, the message must fit on Twitter including a link to the campaign.
6. an I’m age (optional)
7. a Youtube or other Video link (optional)
8. Media Contact- Name, Company Name, Address, Tel, Email, Social Media (optional, you may include some or now at all)
9. Hashtags or Keywords important to you that you wish us to include
10. Release City preferred

That is about it but we can accommodate most requests so send us an email if you have ANY questions.

*We will add a standard/default image if you do not have one.

Why should I hire Viral Exposure to write or distribute my press release?

1. As our name says, Viral Exposure, we are industry experts in the writing and distribution of press releases. We have formed multiple partnerships and built relationships with Major Media partners over the last decade.

#2. Viral Exposure has a Large Established Networks

#3. Variety of options to suit any budget

#4. Easy to work with a professional Advertising Agency that is committed to customer satisfaction.

#5. we have a professional website and presence and not just some “freelancer” that is unavailable and not going to be around to assist you. After 10 years we are not going anywhere. We have adapted and grown with the times and the technology has evolved, so have we.