Super Tuesday Video Threat: ’22 Democrat Candidate Vanessa Tijerina Trolled By Texas Townie (Raymondville, TX)

US Congressional Democratic Candidate Vanessa Tijerina TX-15 Video Threat recording of 'Internet Troll' Federal District threat Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday Video Threat: ’22 Democrat Candidate Vanessa Tijerina Trolled By Texas Townie (Raymondville, TX)

Presently Tijerina’s campaign has made no reporting to the local or federal authorities about this warning given to Tijerina, a political activist from Texas’s Rio Grande Valley, despite Federally protected activities under section 245 of U.S. Code, Title 18 making such a threat against a Federal election candidate a criminal offense.

(“…I’ll make sure that you’re not there after March 1.“) Facebook Live Video Threat of Congressional Candidate.

Troll threatening Congressional Candidate on Facebook LIVE Video

Rather than losing time on internet trolls posting audio threats to sabotage a Federal candidate’s campaign efforts, the Tijerina camp says they are focused on current issues on public policy in the District and South Texas. These efforts include the Tijerina camp’s chief adviser attending this week’s White House’s briefing on Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit Day of Action Event, including  Vice President Kamala Harris, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, and American Rescue Plan Coordinator Gene Sperling.

The Tijerina camp says they are preparing for the Texas Democrats debate and will continue focusing on an election victory for the Democratic Party in Texas’s 15th district. 


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